The Journey Begins…

I created this blog because I have a passion for both blogging, and for Enterprise Architecture.  I have been publishing for a while internal to my organisation and I was thinking it would be an idea to blog outside the organisation; in a lead position I have a responsibility not only to lead but to be active in the community as a whole. I cant say up until this point i have prioritized that, because  other things have taken priority over developing any kind out outside reputation.. 

Forgive the video quality – I don’t currently really have good equipment for production of video or audio because I don’t normally record myself on video. Its not really a talent I have; but its one I will most likely develop over time.

I’ve not externally published before because of legitimate concerns around confidentiality and a concern that potentially things that I write about could sometimes be perceived in a negative light, taken out of context, or wrongly attributed. In my regular job a new strategy has just been put into place which focuses more on networking, which made me think, rather than only promoting internal discussion it would be good to have some external discussion too.I realize this may be opening me up to criticism, and I am fine with people not having the same perspectives as me and welcome anyone who can give me pause for thought and in that discussion, help me grow.

My experience of architecture spans two decades and not all the observations I make relate to my own company.  This blog doesn’t only cover Enterprise architecture; it also covers areas surrounding it.

I plan to post once per week, at the most twice. It seems a reasonable cadence – in point of fact at the time of writing this I already have blogs scheduled until the end of July. My thinking was, that I don’t want to drown people in writing.  Within my working life I often use blogs to reinforce messages I am giving – for example I may talk about a subject at length in meetings, and then in my own time write a blog about the subject so people can go back in their own time – there are some fairly in depth subjects I have to cover normally. This means of course there’s going to be a bit of a backlog of things I have written about this year that I think are potentially useful that will sometimes stop me from being able to write on current events, but thanks to the holidays this should ease up around Q3 of this year. I may occasionally post extra posts as I need to; for example I am currently in the middle of an organisation change which impacts my responsibilities and workload.

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